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Our mission is to bind our advanced civilization back to our mother nature. In the process of advancement in civilization we have reached the climax at the cost of Mother nature which our fore fathers had preserved for future generations and as a result we are now facing man made problems such as Global warming, Green House effect, natural calamity and many other deceases which today they have threatened the mere existence of Mankind.


Our generation’s mission is to solve such a huge problem which has occurred in just half a century. But our goal is to contribute to the Mother Nature by small but valuable steps. Hence our mission is not only to preserve the mother nature for future generations but also help the nature to revive itself and most importantly to aware the mankind the importance of the mother nature by passing on the benefits of the Mother Nature to the society at large such as herbal farming, herbal medicines, herbal cosmetics, herbal food supplements, naturopathy, Health Tourism and others.


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